sexta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2010

For some reason

Eventually I'll will be repeating myself...all over year after another..
There is no new years resolution concerning you that I can accomplish..
To be honest, when I say maybe I'll forget you or I'm going to give you up for good... these kind of promisses never last more than a day.
Whenever I look at you, or even hear your voice...or if I simply read from you, everything comes back again.
It's something so much bigger, so much higher than me.
You are someone so much more than real.
For some reason, you are the only thing that stills in my life with the same strenght of the first kiss.
For some reason, I'll keep dreaming about your eyes, I'll keep dancing trough the sinuous roads where you lead my body, my soul ...
For some reason, I feel that you control my mind...just because I let you.
Although the sickness that this adiction is bringing, I keep dancing like you were going to see me, and fall deeply in love.
And than, we can travel together trough the ways of passion and desire...only the two of us, away from this world that keeps tearing us apart. Only both hearts, only our naked bodies running away whenever we wish!

2 comentários:

Gonçalo Fontoura disse...

What more can i say !? ... simply amazing!

Leila Moura disse...

Thank you so much for reading Gonçalo :)