terça-feira, 30 de março de 2010

Feel my body cold, shivering from top to bottom

How come a simple phone call to talk about...nothing, makes me feel so weird.
Why do a simple look in your eyes make me feel so stupid, so fragile, so nervous.
Feel my body cold, shivering from top to bottom, my hands get sweaty and oh god...my mind just gets empty when you are there standing in front of me.
My heart just start beating so fast when I hear your voice, even if you are far from me.
Why do I wait everyday for someone that just don't come, for someone that don't give a damn if I'm allright?
Why do I keep thinking about those words, that I'm sure that were not true? Why am I so weak that I can't keep promises made for myself?
After all these questions, I got dizzy and I just decided to seat down, look into the sea and above to the sky...and then I've realized that you are just like all that.
You are everywhere around me, I feel you everywhere that I go...but at the same time, I just can't touch you.
Maybe, this it! You are there just for me to feel you, breath you and smile when you appear blue, shiney touching my skin warming my heart!

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